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About Us » Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and Vision Statements

Mission and Vision Statements


Alliance Marc and Eva Stern Math and Science School (Stern MASS) supports, empowers and educates traditionally underserved students, by providing a well-rounded, academically rigorous, STEM and college preparatory education, that is rooted in opportunities to become self-advocates and leaders in our community. Stern MASS is a unique public charter school collaboration between Alliance College-Ready Public Schools and California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). Stern MASS serves the historically low performing, low income, primarily Latino student population of East Los Angeles. The charter for Stern MASS was approved by Los Angeles Unified School District in March 2006, and the school has been in operation since Fall 2006.


Mission: Stern MASS supports, advocates for, and educates students from under-resourced communities, by providing a holistic, academically rigorous, STEM and college-preparatory education, that is rooted in opportunities to become critical thinkers and leaders in our community and the world around them.



Vision: Stern MASS provides the foundation for higher education, career pathways and fosters leaders in the STEM field who can strengthen our local and worldwide communities.


Schoolwide Learner Outcomes
We are Stern MASS Titans
Moral Citizens
  • Abide by the Honor Code
  • Respect themselves, their peers, teachers and community
  • Demonstrate personal and academic integrity
  • Show accountability for choices and actions
  • Care for and value one another
Academically Prepared
  • Satisfy and exceed UC/CSU entrance requirements
  • Develop study, time management, and organization skills
  • Set and achieve career and college-ready goals
  • Challenge themselves with multiple Advanced Placement courses
STEM Scholars
  • Explore four years of math and science classes
  • Investigate, think critically, take risks, and solve problems
  • Demonstrate mathematical and scientific literacy
  • Advocate for themselves through effective communication
  • Demonstrate leadership through service and collaboration
  • Embody resilience and grit in the face of adversity
  • Identify and use resources for support
Honor Code
The Honor Code exemplifies the commitment of all members of the Alliance College-Ready Public Schools community to the following values:
  • Respect the beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, and opinions of others
  • Respect the property of the school and of others
  • Respond appropriately to adults in the community
  • Acknowledge personal misconduct and make amends
  • Learn from mistakes
Honesty and Trust
  • Practice and promote intellectual honesty
  • Communicate honestly and openly with others
  • Learn from others
  • Promote the Honor Code at school, at home, and in the community
  • Help others in need
  • Always consider your personal safety and the safety of others