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Free Dress: Last Friday of the Month

Free Dress: Last Friday of the Month

As part of our school uniform policy, students are expected to wear their grade level uniform polo shirt and black bottoms on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Fridays, students are expected to wear black bottoms, however, they can wear their grade level polo shirt or Stern MASS Titan t-shirt or college t-shirt.

Students may have Free Dress on the last Friday of the month.

What can students wear as part of our Free Dress Guidelines?

Allowable Free Dress Attire

  • Shirts and dresses must have fabric in the front and on the sides, and cover the torso and shoulders (midriffs, back, abdomen, chest). 

  • Clothing must cover undergarments.

  • Fabric covering all private parts must not be see-through.

  • Only closed-toe and closed-heel shoes or athletic shoes are allowed.

  • Hats and other headwear must allow the face to be visible and not interfere with the line of sight to any student or staff. Hoodies must allow the student face and ears to be visible to staff.

  • Clothing must be suitable for all scheduled classroom activities including physical education, science labs, and other activities where unique hazards exist.

  • Specialized courses may require specialized attire, such as sports uniforms or safety gear.

Non-Allowable Free Dress Attire

  • Shoes that expose toes or heels, such as slippers, sandals, Crocs, Birkenstocks, and slingbacks, should not be worn to school. Heels and platform shoes are not allowed for safety reasons.

  • Clothing may not depict, advertise or advocate the use of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances.

  • Clothing may not depict pornography, nudity or sexual acts.

  • Clothing may not use or depict hate speech targeting groups based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation or any other protected groups.

  • Clothing, including gang identifiers, must not threaten the health or safety of any other student or staff.

  • If the student’s attire or grooming threatens the health or safety of any other person, then discipline for dress or grooming violations should be consistent with discipline policies for similar violations.

  • Any scholar who has any doubt concerning a particular clothing item should not wear it.

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