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Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

                       School-wide Learner Outcomes

Previous ESLRs

Updated SLOs

MASS students, staff, and community will establish a culture of success by embracing these core values:

We are Stern


Become College-Ready

·       Develop study and organization skills

·       Set and achieve pre-college goals

·       Satisfy a-g UC/CSU requirements

·       Take college admission exams such as SAT and ACT

·       Take multiple Advanced Placement courses

Moral Citizens

  • Abide by the honor code
  • Respect themselves, their peers, teachers and community
  • Demonstrate personal and academic integrity
  • Show accountability for choices and actions
  • Care for and value one another

Become Life-Long “Scientists”

·       Complete culminating project-based

     learning assessments

·       Become investigators and critical thinkers

·       Become risk takers

·       Become peer mentors

Academically Prepared

  • Satisfy and exceed UC/CSU entrance requirements
  • Develop study, time management, and organization skills
  • Set and achieve career and college-ready goals
  • Challenge themselves with multiple Advanced Placement courses

Gain an Appreciation for the Math and Sciences

·       Take four years of science and math classes

·       Become knowledgeable in current events regarding science and math

STEM Scholars

  • Explore four years of math and science classes
  • Investigate, think critically, take risks, and solve problems
  • Demonstrate mathematical and scientific literacy

Become Self-Advocates

·       Gain communication skills

·       Have the ability to articulate thoughts

·       Become problem solvers

·       Become responsible and accountable for choices and actions

·       Become community leaders and activists

Solutions- oriented

  • Advocate for themselves through effective communication
  • Demonstrate leadership through service and collaboration
  • Embody resilience and grit in the face of adversity
  • Identify and use resources for support